Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

What Is a wax melt? It is a wickless candle that releases fragrance when it is warmed. It can be warmed in any of our warmers or any of your personal warmers. 

How long does your wax melt last? It depends on the method or warming. A warmer that has a higher wattage will produce a stronger fragrance, but the scent will dissipate sooner. A warmer that has a lower wattage will be cooler and produce a softer scent but have a longer lasting melt time.  We feel that a 25-watt warmer will create a strong scent and a longer lasting melt time. 

How much wax should I use? We recommend one to two cubes depending on the size of the warmer. 

What is the wax melt made of? Our Wax Melts are made with all natural soy wax and phthalate free fragrances that are infused with all natural essential oils.

What is the cure time for the wax melts? Soy wax requires a longer curing time. We recommend waiting at least 1-2 weeks before melting. Can't wait? Check the inside instructions for the month poured. 

Do you have custom orders? Yes, we will work to make you the scent you are looking for. 

How long till I receive my products? Our current turn around time is 3-7 days to ship out your order. Another 2-3 day till you receive your products. Most all of our products are Ready to ship with a few made to order. 

 Why am I being charged tax? All residents of Texas are subject to taxes on your order.

Why can't I use all my discount codes? Our website only allows for one discount code to be inserted into the discount code box. We only allow you to use one discount code per order. If you'd like to use different codes you can place two separate orders and we can ship them together. 

Do you ship internationally? Currently, we do not ship internationally but if you are willing to pay the shipping we will be happy to send you our products! 

Do you deliver locally? We do deliver locally or pick up at any of our shows. Please contact us first so we can invoice you for your order.

Do you accept refunds? Due to the nature of our products and subjective personal scent preference, We do not accept any returns or exchanges at this time. 

I am not responsible for your package after we drop it off at the post office. All lost, damaged, or stolen items will not be refunded or replaced unless there is insurance on the package and USPS has been contacted. 

Please contact us if there is anything wrong with your order. 

Do you have a wholesale program? Yes, we would love to work with you please contact us and we will send you our line sheet. We also have private labeling.  

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